Consultation and Supervision for Clinicians

It is a great love of mine to train and supervise up-and-coming clinicians. I believe in the power of generativity and mentorship as a necessary and exciting aspect of being a clinician. "You have to give it away to keep it" is an expression that comes to mind. I have been extremely fortunate to have had wonderful supervisees and clinicians whom I have helped train; I have also greatly benefited from wonderful supervisors myself.  I learn a great deal from supervisees and relationships, and helping 'grow' someone clinically is a true joy!

I can provide clinical supervision for MFTis and ASWs in the State of California.

  • Parallel Process Group Consultation

    • I am offering a consultation group for clinicians - interns as well as fully licensed - designed to enhance clinical skills in group, individual, and family therapy by utilizing a parallel process model of group supervision. This specialized training technique will help you build self-awareness, interpersonal and group-level awareness and acumen, as well as reveal the connectedness between you, your clients, and each other. Contact me at to open the conversation!

Group Psychotherapy Training

What are the 5 levels, or planes, that are operating in the life of a group at all times? How do you intervene, and when, at each level? How do you expand your understanding of group dynamics so that this understanding becomes a part of you? How do you enhance your extroverted parts in order to "get in there" and be confident, active, present, and vocal as a group therapist? What is the link between the personal and the group-as-a-whole and how do you intervene with groups without getting "too intellectual?" How do you apply "heady" concepts about group functioning to diverse populations, ranging from the severely mentally ill to the "high functioning," from higher levels of care to outpatient levels of care? And how might you better understand your therapy group(s) within the context of the larger institutional group and society that contains it?

"You have to give it away to keep it."

I offer individual, group, and institution-based training in group psychotherapy theory and technique, drawing upon nearly a decade of experience and scholarship in this specialization. Truly effective group psychotherapy requires an advanced knowledge base and an active mind attentive to at least five levels of engagement that are occurring at all times in all groups. I have provided multiple trainings on this topic and my particular approach to effective group psychotherapy. It is a true passion to pass on my knowledge and experience to other clinicians eager to understand and engage with therapy groups. 

Eating Disorder Treatment Training

What does it take to be an effective eating disorder therapist, counselor or dietitian? How do you learn to spot either a developing or full-blown eating disorder in a school setting, private practice, doctor's office, hospital, or mental health center? How and when do you need to intervene? What kinds of interventions are helpful in treating eating disorders when you're not an eating disorder specialist but find a client with a co-occurring eating disorder sitting across from you?

  • Institution-Based Training

    • I provide institution-based training to a range of professionals such as therapists, counselors, school administrators, teachers, alternative healers, and dietitians who are eager to learn how to work with this special population and intervene more quickly - before eating disorders become life-threatening. We can focus the curricula of trainings on your specific setting and population so that your organization feels more equipped to serve those with eating disorders. I am able to provide trainings for anywhere from two to six hours, depending on the needs of your organization. 
  • Individual Training and Consultation

    • I additionally can provide ongoing training and consultation to therapists and dietitians who are new to their work with eating disorders and/or who wish to pursue specialization in eating disorder treatment. 

Teaching and training is a great passion of mine, and I look forward to serving you as you seek to better serve those who may be struggling with an eating disorder and/or those in groups at any level of care.