DBT Mindfulness, Skills and Process Groups!

Discovering that there is likely a need for a group like this in Santa Cruz, I am pleased to announce that I will be offering two 18-session Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) outpatient groups - one for teens and one for adults!

Here are the details:

DBT Mindfullness & Skills Group & DBT Graduates Process Group

The DBT Mindfulness & Skills Group is an 18-session outpatient group will teach the groundbreaking and evidence-based skills and philosophy of DBT. I am trained in adherent DBT and have spent many years teaching these fundamental and life-changing skills to clients of all ages. This group is appropriate for those struggling with impulsive and/or destructive behaviors such as self-harm, reactive suicidality or hostility, polysubstance use (mixing substances), substance abuse, and eating disorders. This group is also appropriate for those who find themselves reacting in ineffective ways in their closest relationships. Some examples of reacting ineffectively may be: a pattern of "taking things too personally," acting out against loved ones from a place of fear, rage, envy, or jealousy and either losing close relationships or cutting them off abruptly. The 18-session series for Adults begins the final week of August and runs until the end of January, with scheduled breaks for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. The 18-session series for teens will begin likely in October or November and will also take scheduled breaks for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. 

Those who graduate from the group are invited to participate in a DBT Graduates Process Group (also separated into teens and adult groups), which will run until the end of May. The Graduates Process Group allows participants to deepen their skills and mindfulness work in a less structured group and continue to receive vital support for their ongoing recovery. 

Contact me to set up an assessment to see if this group might be a good fit for you and to find out the start date of the next series. 

For those interested in my DBT groups who can make a commitment to the group, I am open to discussing sliding scale rates for those with Medi-Cal/Medicare on a case-by-case basis. 

Click HERE for more information about these groups.