Women in Recovery Group - Starting April 1!

Here is my flier with details about my new Women in Recovery group, starting April 1!

Starting April 1, 2017, this group will be available to women of all ages who are interested in courageous self-knowledge, Self leadership, and interpersonal and spiritual growth. If you are a woman in recovery from codependency, substance abuse, eating disorders, gambling addiction, sex addiction, or other forms of addictive processes and are interested in deepening your recovery in a group rather than in isolation, then this group may be a good fit for you. We will focus on internal messages about ourselves and others that get us stuck, learning the language of compassionate inner dialogues, and radical emotional and behavioral transformation that is truly possible, together. This group is open to cisgender women, trans women and non-binary-identifying women. The group can accommodate 8 members.

Please email me at katherine@katherinezwick.com if you are interested in setting up an assessment for this group.

The group will meet for approximately 42 sessions per year. The cost of the group is $50 per group.